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Graphics cards solution?

| With the gpu shortage going, has anyone thought of what is companies made more "mobile variants" of GPUs? While most mobile variants are cut down to 2/3 or even half the hardware of the desktop variant, why not allocate more mobiles into production for a desktop variation for mid to low end users? With a desktop setup, the "mobile" or low power variant can be better cooled, powered and boosted. The pros and cons to this can definitely be plentiful and I'd like to see them.

| Because they would be cheaper comparatively and people are more than willing to sell their house for a 3070

| There is only one solution. We should imprison all miners.

| >>820621 literally this, there's a silicon shortage going on why would you sell low end cards if you can sell high end cards as fast as you can make them, selling more low end means less high end cards because of the shortage

| >>820944 Or be like Nvida and just keep announcing more and more new GPU models that you can't ship in any real quantity because of the shortage

| I'm gonna wait for 2 years and then buy super cheap used rtx cards.

Ethereum is going to change how it's mined soon (due to climate change), and GPU miners will become useless!

| Am >>52a1db, here's a source for that: https://blog.ethereum.org/2015/08/04/ethereum-protocol-update-1/
The very last line ;)
And this: https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/consensus-mechanisms/pos/


| As far as the manufacture greed goes, there are already sub-par cards for under 300 dollars being made now with the specific goal to reach people needing to upgrade start new. But, let's not forget that the manufacturer only earns money off the initial sale, not the scalping done by people afterwards.
However I do whisper "well done" whenever I hear of someone violently attacking a scalper and stealing their wares whenever it comes across the news.

| There is a mining warehouse near me that I could steal from without getting caught...

| >>825172 bring us some please

| >>abb5cb what areas of the world have mining warrhouses? Like eastern Europe or southeast asia.

I just remember a graveyard of graphics cards in an area that was very flooded and rural.

| >>825270
Heading to Kazahkstan to steal their mining rigs while they're distracted with their civil strife brb.

| >>822061
That first article was written 6 years ago and Ethereum doesn't seem like it's changing anytime soon. don't get your hopes up.

| dont use graphic cards ;)

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