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| https://blog.reasonlabs.com/2021/12/23/spider-miner-with-great-power-comes-great-problems/

Tl;dr A foreign "torrent" of the latest Spooderman movie mines your PC when you execute it. All because of Windows
Explorer hiding file extensions by default.

| >movie as an .exe
Who is this dumb

| >>818181
imagine "ILOVEYOU.TXT.vbs"

| Like the OP says, windows 10 hid it by default

| Yeah default windows behavior hides "known file extensions" so if you make it virus.png.exe windows will strip the .Exe
This means normal pictures appear as just "picture" with no extension

But users usually know generally that pngs and jpgs are pictures so if it has a .jpg at the end they won't think twice and don't realize they'll only see it if it's got a second file extension

| They should really remove that or show any executable file extensions always

| No, sorry, windoes takes "simplicity" first and usability and stability never

| You're all talking as if there isn't an option to show all file extensions. It's not on by default unlike the older versions, but it's still there.

| There is an option, its just disabled by default and most normies dont even care weather it is or not

| >>818997 You're all taking as if there isn't an option to not have your toes hit with a hammer when you walk in. It's not on by default unlike older versions, but it's still there.

| A joke, but yes I'm aware that it's there but when I have to help even my computer literate friends find the option in the first place the fact that it still exists doesn't absolve Microsoft of the criticism

| >>819290 Point taken, but how can you be computer literate and not know about file and folder settings in windows lmao

| Are mime metadata in file headers and executable bits still unknown to the windows world? I just don't get how a technological so inferior system could become established on the desktop. It's beyond reason.

| >>819564 windows doesn't do executable bit like posix systems
Basically if it's posix and makes sense windows doesn't do it and comes up with their own thing

For files downloaded there can be a block on it that'll prevent you from running it, and file permission has execute listened but rarely if ever is anything actually blocked, and execute permission is default

| >>819435 most non power users don't dig through settings menus for fun so it's just a case of not being aware and not needing it enough to find it

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This thread is permanently archived