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Guardian Trolls Facebook with Zuckbot

| https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/dec/27/mark-zuckerberg-ai-robot-metaverse-facebook

TLDR: "The Facebook CEO won’t talk to the Guardian. So we built a Zuckerbot and interviewed it instead:

I expected cringe but it's actually pretty damn funny, with responses like:

"To start, you recently changed Facebook’s name to Meta. Why?

Imagine a multiplayer game where you pay off a bunch of publications who are physically afraid of content. This is the basic idea behind the internet. Now look up at the sun, close your eyes, feel completely wrapped in virtual goods and commerce. That is the ultimate expression of social networks. That is the metaverse."


"Can you share any details about what kinds of new experiences will be possible in the metaverse?

We tested a model where a big Priscilla avatar fried people using an energy field if they said false things about my friends, and I think it’s going to unlock a lot of new community policies."

| Will you let your own children use Instagram, given your own company’s research into how harmful it can be to children’s mental health?

"Teenagers have a lot of ways to express their views on the internet and now they have one more; they can monetize their families with our “family permanence experience”."

| He legit would make some really poor way of hiding alot of these responses.

The Succ is also very paranoid according to the same publication by taping the webcam but also reads your personal info with coffee in his hands https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jun/22/mark-zuckerberg-tape-webcam-microphone-facebook

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