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How would a total beginner go about making a board like this with awoo?

| Like I've always wanted to try to make a board like danger/u/ but on a different topic ever since they made the textboard engine but I have no idea how to do it and I'm really bad at learning to do stuff.

| Study this.
This is where everyone started.
It's also terrible for multiple reasons and I'd need like 10 posts to deal with that?
But it sure as hell is a board. It's got your frontend, backend, and you can shitpost on it.
Have fun!

| Awoo is open source. You can just use that: https://github.com/dangeru/awoo/

It was built in Ruby (a programming language) and use the Sinatra framework (http://sinatrarb.com/). Just learn about those two and you should be able to run and customize your own copy of Awoo.

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This thread is permanently archived