why is arch linux NOT gay

| arch is gay
and i dare u to prove otherwise faggot

| It's not gay, dummy.
It's extremely gay.
You can't handle how gay it is.
I am literally sucking a dick to write this message.
>t. an arch /u/ser

| >man mount

| I'm not gay. What are you talking about?
>$pacman OPs_genitals

| Arch has got to the gayest distro ever OP

| >>807070

| >>807081
Get the FUCK out of this thread, buddy.

| Does it mean once day i will buy Steam Deck, i won't be hetero anymore?

| $sudo mount /balls/dick/ ~/butt

| arch user here. I'm incredibly gay. 100% correlation so far.

| heyheyhey calm down, I use Manjaro which is based on Arch, am I also gay ???

| >>807184
Manjaro is based on a dick in your ass.

| >>807084
Make me, plumface

| I use Arch btw.

| is there a correlation between wanting to have rough gay sex and knowing a lot about computers?
i think so
or that's just me idk

| >>807094 No, you will be dumb and nothing else

| Gentoo motherfuckers

| >>807780
I bet you don't even know what those flags do

| >>807372 ohh, i'm dumb already so nothing change xd

| >>807850
You only need the pride flag to compile

| >>808067

| It's honestly pretty great how everyone knows Arch is extra gay.
I just put an Arch sticker on my laptop and if a cis person asks I can just say "oh, I work in computers :)"
But those who know, know.

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