Metaverse and NFT

| Are you thinking that it is future or just bubble what is experimental project? honestly, over that i like digital things, i don't understand strong hype around it.. why is gif in blockchain having value? For these money i can instead buy stocks or gold/cryptocurrency like bitcoin, etherium which are unique, new token can make literally anyone. About metaverse, i feel really unsure what are people expecting it.. i feel that VRChat is for example fun, or retro thing like Club Cooee

| but something inside me is telling that moderation under big corporation like FB it will be only centralised boring platform

| Crypto was bad already, but metaverse bullshit is the canary.

If we don't destroy the internet now, it will destroy us.

>t. aunt Theodora

| NFTs will eventually die once the fad passes and everyone realizes its just an elaborate and weird ponzi scheme. Hopefully.

As for metaverse, I very much doubt it will gain any traction on the next few years at least. They seemed to be aiming most of the VR stuff to bullshit corporate meetings, not consumers. It seems that they just wanted a big rename and a new focus to distract people from all the hate Facebook was receiving.

| Facebook is dying, and instead of understanding that their whole concept is crap, they try to reskin it and pass it for something else. No one needs it.


And that's why retarded streamers will keep on streaming this shit and it'll become popular, and you'll be able to tell whether someone is stupid or not depending on whether they use it or not.

A bit like current facebook, except streaming wasn't really a thing back then.

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