Where the hell do I get a computer!?

| I don't get it g/u/rls. I even thought about building my own but the parts just can't be bought. There's nothing out there anymore! I work a lot with graphics design (and I just want to play cute games, too!) but even preebs look like, eight times the price they would've been before all this crypto nonsense. I think we should start oppressing cryptbros.

| You don't

| Yeah, you don't. You'll own nothing, etc.

| Your brain is a computer.

| My brain is a shitty computer that makes me stressed because my regular computer keeps pooping out.

| Microcenter

| PC building holy land always has parts might be be exactly what you want but

| >>806573

Blessed post. This is the best I've seen in a while. Thanks g/u/rl!

| from bin u can find any computer part u want lol

| Had the same shit. Just bought an overpriced machine to deal with it

| I mean why can't you just use a 10 years old pc, not like you need that much specs, you just need a recent gpu... oh wait.

| Try another hell

| >>807083
Sadly my computer keeps going all fucky wucky, so :^(

| well u gotta continue grinding the cash and pay for expensiver then launch

| So, my pc needs an upgrade (MB, CPU, RAM), but prices bites =<

| ..this upgrade taking more rather my salary size :^<

| Off course, this necessary for actual game, but also for weight software like matlab/t-flex.. for programming still can use unix[-like] os, but for you need more time for understand to work in this os, if do not know it before..

| I just waited for black friday B.S. and bit the bullet >.< Ouch.... Well. At least I have some nice new stuff to look forward to.

| ebay

| >>807159 microcenter
I got a ryzen 7 5800x for $300 usd (mc doesn't do black Friday that was the price the whole month)
They had a R5 5600g for $200 but the 5600x was 279 which is why I just went 5800x

| Ram was about 62, mobo like 115

| >>808414 >>808415 if counts the cost of the upgrade mentioned above in my local then it turns out ~1.5 of my salary>.< // may be I should consider ryzen as an option.. but its still needs more salary obtained.

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