Any way to force W7 to run W10 software?

| Alright g/u/rls, I haven't used Windows since 7.

Still, I'd need to be able to use Windows-only (no, I cannot just Wine it) software for work reasons. This is why I'd need to dual boot Windows on the new laptop I'm preparing to buy.

Since there's no way in hell you can take the botnet out of W10, I'd need to be using W7 or 8.1. Would anyone here know how to force those systems to act like 10 for software purposes?

Thanks in advance.

| Windows 10/11 might be a privacy hell, but they are way better than an EOL'd OS with tons of vulnerabilities left open on purpose. Just virtualize w10.

| There's a w10 version without the crap out there, but you've got to trust the devs as w10 isn't open source...
Anyway if privacy and anti terrorist bot is your problem, your web browsing is what you should be scared about.
Just do a dual boot with standard w10 and your fav linux distro.
And yes w7 is an EOL OS, you shouldn't use it for work.

| There's no way for that, but a lot of software works on W7 despite lacking any info about it. Idk about EOL, never had any issues with viruses or data theft. Still using XP on daily basis

| W10-only softwares are W10-only exactly because they run on things that lower versions don't support. Otherwise they lose nothing by also saying it's W7/W8 compatible.

So no op, there's no way. At least, not without hacking into the specific software you want to use. What is it that you need to run anyway?

| >>806249 They're mostly w10-only because micro$oft is trying to enforce updating to their new malware.
Just use a disconnected w10 or something and that's it

| >>806201 running outdated software is a gamble like fucking a cheep hooker without a rubber, you could be fine but also you might not, it's a risk not a guarantee something bad will happen and by using an os that isn't getting security updates you're making it easier to have the negative outcome

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