What to do with cheep ssd

| Microcenter gave away some 240gb ssds for free (inland brand which I think is their in-house) but I'm not sure I trust it

What should I do with it be testing to see if it's good or just use it as a scratch disc

| Install w10 manjaro on it.

| You wouldn't download a car

| It's not like its gonna catch fire. Stick it in a desktop and throw a few games on it.

| Hosting system, nothing personal on the long go. I have ADATA SSD from 2018 and it's gonna be 3 years since I've been using it. The health stopped at 66% for some reason. It might last 5 years or something!

| Look for the controller's model and then check its reliability.

If it's garbage, I would only use it as a Steam library, or for anything that doesn't hurt losing, since its lifetime will be a gamble and once it fails, it will do so catastrophically (losing a bunch of "sectors" and thus corrupting a chunk of the data)

| >>805769 this is good advice, only issue is trying to find what controller this thing uses

| I am seeing people say that it uses a Phison S11 with no DRAM and saying that's not great assuming that's accurate those comments were 3 years old... but this was free soooo

Game drive it is? thanks for the advice!

| Each time I got an old ssd taking the dust, my friend is screaming at me to use an adapter to got a super fast usb external drive.
*Dabbing with my 1To SSD and 6To hard drive*

| If trust is an issue, use LUKS on it and you should be pretty much okay.

| >>806125 not sure I need encryption I'm more worried about it killing itself suddenly, though the package said it had a 4 year warranty

| Use it theoretically as C drive if you will have back up somewhere else, or alternatively playing videogames on it and make there Steam directory for example..

| >>806259
Yeah, put your system files on it .........

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