SSD keep at least 25% of free space

| Is it suppose to be the total, meaning free space inside partitions + not allocated space
Or is it only inside allocated partitions...
I made a dual boot w10 manjaro and kept half of my 1TB ssd unallocated.

| (Decent quality) SSDs will keep a bunch of space unallocated to increase lifespan - if a sector dies off due to exceeding its design R/W cycles the firmware will swap in some of the unallocated space seamlessly and you'll continue being a happy Shogun 2 player.

| >>804582

To add to this answer, if the SSD is cheap it will obliterate itself slowly due to not having reserved sectors, which contributes to their lower lifespan vs Samsung or Intel ssds for example. This, in Shogun 2 terms, is a SHAMEFUR DISPRAY.

| De-ah hon-oh-ra-bo wo-kingman, prease buya finest SSD product! We no wanto cheap SSD bringu great shame to our ancestors.

| okay okay, I wanted to know if I needed to allocate every free space to my partitions, because I prefer to increase them when I need it.
So I see I don't need to do that.

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