Migrated to ungoogled chromium

| I used FF ESR ever since it was released. Today an update was released and I hate it. I am not even surprised at this point why long time users have moved from it. Chrome might have less customizations, but at the same time it's not like they're removing anything, while Mozilla wants to practically every single thing they have implemented. Enough is enough! Who else is in similar situation to mine?

| What happened to ESR? I haven't opened it in awhile since i mostly used it to play Roll20.

| Huh, what did Mozilla do?

| >>800188 >>800257 not op but they screwed up big time on design, removing features, adding bloat and now even disabling updates doesn't work on ESR

| >>800268


Good thing i haven't updated ESR in forever. I'll manually disconnect the internet, open it, and disable updates that way.

| Yay, one more step for Google's complete web monopoly!

| >>800339 I mean, they do have control over Mozilla tbh

| OP: Managed to use this guide to kill FF updates and remove the annoying notification. Might help you.


| >>800527 tbh, Chromium has more advantages over Firefox. Websites load faster.

| Op here

| Use waterfox. It's popular enough to be viable, is compatible with modern extensions, and doesn't follow that "let's make biiig buttons because everyone browses on phone duuh" retarded mentality.

| >>800547 waterfox was bought out by some company

| >>800554 Yes? And Mozilla and Google are companies too.

| >>800568 >>800554 retards. None of these are good. Tor browser is the only way.

| >>800534
Having your page load 0.07 seconds faster shouldn't be a dealbreaker for, well, anyone. If that's the only advantage Chromium has then I very much doubt its supposed superiority.

Sweetie, Tor Browswer is Firefox.

| >>800582 >>800584


| >>800582 Pitiful trolling attempt, or real sad

| >>800678

| >>800686

| >>800923

| >>800939

| >>800948

| Why not just use ie6? That's the best browser out there anyway

| FF > Chrome yes Mozilla is dependent on Google for financial reasons but they're actively trying to get out from under that, and FF importantly is the only other web engine that people still want to support, lots of things are broken on Safari, and unless you want Google to make every decision for the web we need *something* and all we've got is FF

| >>801205 too bad Firefox will migrate to Chromium because of people leaving it behind due to toxicity inside the company.

| >>801235 what's your source? never heard of anything like that

| I have 0 idea what OP is talking about even. They failed to describe their problem adequately. Out of all browsers the only problem there seem is forcing cross-site cookies (Chrome does that) otherwise there is absolutely no practical difference unless you're using embedded system. Also I like being able to run Flash if I want to.

| >>e46256
I agree. Firefox out of the box is both slower than chromium and has its privacy worsened over time. I have switched to ungoogled chromium for the past month now, but i will continue to support Firefox through donation, as i don't like the idea that google has a monopoly over browsers. If Firefox becomes better, I'll switch back in the future.

| https://github.com/pyllyukko/user.js
It might be worth a try, although I can understand the efforts of tweaking Firefox to get a bit of privacy can take time

| News not looking good for tech lately. Big Brother is winning.

| >>802398 indeed

| >>800554
You shouldn't use small alt browsers like Waterfox, Pale Moon, etc. because they don't have the resources to have strong QA and are usually weeks behind other browsers in security updates.

It's not worth it.

| >>802398
If you're tech-savy there's nothing wrong with Firefox though. I dunno what you're complaining about.

Also, it's not big brother who is watching. It's corporate/billionaires. At least know your enemy if you're gonna complain.

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