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I switched to Linux Mint, here's my story!

| Ok so I switched to Linux mint. But I wanted it to look and act and run like windows...

After logging in, I opened the terminal and ran `sudo apt install wine64`
I have an exe that I want to run... So I right click it and go to properties, and I set it to open with another program. I add one to the list: `wine`
Now, I run the program within the terminal using wine64... And now all exe files run!

Next step, installing a theme.


| I love sex.

| Step 1: download the sources.zip
Links are below

Step 2: unzip the folder in the windows 10 themes directly to ~/.themes
and unzip the icon pack to ~/.icons
They are both hidden folders. Ctrl+h while looking at the home directory to see them.


| Step 3: I found the themes program in the start menu, and changed it all to windows 10 dark, but kept the windows style as the light version. I had to right click and configure the start button to be the picture in one of the themes folders. Idk why it didn't just automatically apply, but whatever.

Step 4: now, to install steam! I installed the .deb file from the steam website, logged in, and went into settings to enable proton for all games... Even no man's sky works great!

| Step 5: I have copied all my documents from my old drive, and I am slowly copying programs as I need them. I don't need a lot of my programs, I've discovered. I can run any windows program with wine, games work great with steam, and my Firefox has 300 tabs open right now...

My hardware is very bad.
Phenom II 1045t overclocked to 3.4ghz
16gb of ram at 1333mhz
AMD 550x graphics card
ASRock 760GM-HDV motherboard
My monitor is a TV

Before I could barely run Firefox with 30 tabs!


| >>800109
>Installed the .deb file from the steam website
sudo apt install steam

| Oh dear. Things like that make me cry.

| >>800148
Does anything not make you cry?

| >move to linux
>still use bloat and botnet
Why bother

| >>800089 2hm~ looks like a bit hard.. joking (or not :) // what if trying switch to Arch (by hardcore way) starting only with dwn (and dmenu, and st) aiming to complete a desktop environment by self? :D

| >>800148 like as discord without support to jack or alsa?

| Well I suppose if you enjoy a ubuntu based os, isn't pop os better especially for gaming ? It's libraries are more up to date.
Personaly I switch from w10 to manjaro and I'm enjoying it so far, a friend enlighted me about arch and aur. So yeah there's no quick and easy .deb files but damn the aur package.
KDE is my new way of life and finally running MPV on it's initially meant OS.
Also onlyoffice, an opensource copy of ms office, no need to continue my intership's hunting on w10.

| >>800382 how is OnlyOffice for you? Last time I tried it there were were some nice features missing and there were weird compatibility issues.

| >>800396
so far it's great, i can open and edit my excel files, word and powerpoint. The gui is almost the same, at the first seconds I thought manjaro automatically opened ms office.
Thou I didn't reopened them via my w10 as I'm currently enjoying my new fresh OS.

| >>800382 onlyoffice.. someone said to me that wps office have better compabiliyy then Libre office, but "only".. is better then wps?

I forget why i don't installed it, maybe it drags half of kde, that i won't i, so it is right (about compabily) ?

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