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building a cyberdeck

| First time building a cyberdeck, but having trouble with a few things. What kind of keyboard should I use? Also, is a 26800 mAh power bank a suitable power supply?

| I just plug a cheap USB keyboard into a tablet that runs parrot os.

| Easiest streamlined Cyberdeck

1x Raspberry Pi 400
1x Cyberdeck HAT
1x Hyperpixel 4.0

$150 USD total

Then power bank depends what you plan to run, and for how long you run it.

| >>799986 Could I use the rpi 7" display instead with the pi 400? (very new to this)

| my budget is 250-275

| Well, Raspberry Pi is mostly Linux.
What is your purpose of making a Cyberdeck?

I think you should check examples that other people are actively making.

| It'll be for mainly typing docs and code>>800020

| What if you build an actual Ryzen motherboard into an antique suitcase? You would totally have to do water-cooling and mount the radiator on the side, but with SSD drives and those extremely small motherboards... nowadays you could literally have your whole computer in a small portable-ish setup.
I am thinking a suitcase like this:

But get it from Goodwill for $6

| You could fit a decent sized OLED display in the top with power buttons and some custom function keys, a full keyboard in the bottom, and still have room for accessorues and batteries. I'd think you would need a separate battery pack and power supply to have enough juice to use it for any period of time, so how about you just put those in another suitcase? You could go all out and put this in a rolling suitcase that you can sit on comfortably!


| I want to start with something on a smaller scale, which is why I want to go with a raspberry pi. Then, I could move to something bigger afterward.

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