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Dating apps?

| So, I know what you are thinking.
>This g/u/rl just wanna find game easy or something.

No. The thing is, I just purchased the game Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game and after trying it out, I realized this would be an amazing game to play with a significant other.

... so, I wanna try a dsting app just for finding that. Any recommendations?

| Please don't.
I mean it quite seriously: if you have ever done any dating, dating via dating apps is a thousandfold worse.
You will have an easier and better time finding people on Discord. I say this knowing precisely knowing what kind of people can frequent Discord.
Save yourself and abandon the path you wish to tread.

| Wanting to date just to play a game. Oh dear.

| >>799505
That in itself isn't so terrible, I'm sure I've done worse in the past!
It's the medium of dating that's worrisome!

| Dating apps are pretty garbage in current year, yeah.

| It would be great if there was a dating app only when you're looking for a partner that will play a specific videogame with you, I think that would be fun and far more healthy than any current dating app

| >>799597 probably a discord or something for that there's like one for everything

| Just slowly introduce the other g/u/rl to games.
e.g. start with Tetris, Mario, etc.
Soon she'll be hogging your PC whenever she wants to play Mass Effect

| >>799597 what if it was not a dating app but,just an application to find other potential friends who want to play games with. It can be hard to find a good group of people to play with and going in randomly with randoms and finding a few people you jive with can be hard and take months. Why not something to hook people up who want to play the same game together.

| Pokemon GO

| >>800315 Exactly! That was I'm trying to say, but you said it better! I wish there would be something like that...

| Jesuschrist, dating irl is already a draining ordeal. An app would just make it ten times worse imo. Not to mention they're hookup apps disguised as dating apps, in which women have an endless buffet of cock that they don't actually want and they're just there to get an ego boost. Avoid.

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This thread is permanently archived