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When did using git commands become so complicated?

| A year and half ago you just needed to enter your credentials once to do some pulls and commits on your private repos, and now you first need to create a personal token, then some ssh keys, and associate them to your user, and more that I still expect to find...

Ffs, I just wanted to do a small commit on an old repo. Why is it so frustrating?

| how is generating a key pair and copy pasting the pub key complicated? it takes seconds

| it's way less effort then confirming an email, we should just use key pairs instead of accounts...

| but i guess mandating it is kinda shitty

| >>794803

This. You can even set it passwordless (not that I would do it...), and then pull and push without needing to do anything else.

| Git commands didn't change in years. As for github, no one is telling you to use it.

| >>794803 it takes seconds if you know how to do it, which was not my case. Github itself gives a link to show how it's done, but the whole process is explained in 4 different links, and that was kinda frustrating.

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Yeah Github's documentation for this is out of whack for some reason. The actual process is fairly simple. It's not Git's fault though, just Github's.

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This thread is permanently archived