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Particle acceleratior

| Is it possible to build your own on a budget?

| Yeah, just take a particle and accelerate it lmao. What's the big idea?

| I don't think it's possible because of the huge amount of energy that you NEED to even use it. (And that amount of energy it's not cheap or affordable)

So even if you could build the most cheap and efficient Part. Accelerator of the world, the cost of the electricity bill alone will not be cheap.

| nah ez, just calc the B strength to keep a particle going in a circle of some rad and then build that out of copper coils and a circular tube and an arduino, maybe pull a vacuum on it and slap some sensors on it if you're feeling lucky

| Take a plastic box. Take some particles and put them inside. Run with the box. You just accelerated some particles, good job.

| Blow air

| If it was possible you'd think the 14+ nation alliance would have done it already

| Are you realising size of particle accelerator what is used in cern? "^^ you are wanting task similar to build nuclear power plant

| >>795855
It doesn't have to be a large one. CRT-monitors and old TVs all have particle accelerators in them, for example.

| >>795296 Sometimes scientists like to squeeze money by giving half-truths about their research. There's a video about degenerative science by Sabine Hossenfelder if you're interested.

| >>68f134 Like with Dark Matter and energy? :D // haven't watched the video yet..

| Just tell it to go faster lmao

| I will accelerate a bunch of particles into your mouth

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