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Windows 11 or 10?

| I'm thinking about updade, it is best time to updade now, or should i have to wait few weeks/months? ^^

| Don't update. Stick with what you have until they have smoothen out everything

| I advise waiting a bit more. Looking at release of Windows 10, it may still need fixes before Win11 becomes a good OS for daily use.

| Don't update now let them beta test it for a year or two if you see shitty HP desktops in stores coming with it installed give it another 6 months then upgrade

| Or just install Linux but I know that's not helpful

| simplez, linuks best

| Linux

| If you upgrade you have up to ten days, I believe, to roll back to windows 10 without losing anything

| Just install Linux already and get off Mr. Soft's wild ride.
>10 will be our last OS, guys

| A few years ago, the "use linux" gurls might have been a bit extreme. But now it's the only sensical solution. Win8+ aren't OSes but rootkits that pretend to be an OS. They work like shit, gave up on their last advantages, and have so much tracking and spying that even the stalker creep with a hidden camera in your room knows less about you than them.

| Use BSD

| >>792556
Sounds like it's time to play the tiniest open source violin

| >>792681 only if it's 3d printed from biodegradable plastic

| AmogusOS

| >>792179 I would say definitely wait as much as possible especially if upgrading doesn't give you any advantages other than a new UI

| >>792556
>A few years ago, the "use linux" gurls might have been a bit extreme.
The "use linux" gurls weren't extreme. They were (and still are) cassandras: Cursed to utter true prohecies, but never to be believed.

| >>793177 I just meant that using linux at the time wasn't possible if you didn't plan on spending 5h/day tinkering with your computer, which is quite extreme. Not saying that it was dumb to say to use linux though.

| Windows 7

| >>4670b0 i feel like playing some videogames rn

| >>793177 i remember when the ubuntu babes dominated /tech. You couldnt enjoy your chad windows vista home premium edition in peace. Smh

| >>793391 You can play any Steam game you want on Linux, it's as easy as playing them on Windows
You have to jump thru some hoops for GoG stuff and heaven forbid you use Origin, but for most purposes? You're going to be set.

| >>793393 >vista
Excuse you, this is a REAL techg/u/rl zone?
You can use ME, XP, and MAYBE 7 (but you're on thin fucking ice)

| >>793395 3.0 or nothing

| >>793395 >implying that hacker will go after older computer over newest one
never change /g/

| >>793475 hackers don't aim at old os no one uses but like there's still code from like xp in windows 11
We saw what can happen with all the fucking print spooler bugs m$ patched they even pushed an XP update after it was out of support for a *while* same bug all the way back

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