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facebook, insta, and whatsapp down

| saw a twitter post about how facebook might be legit gone, would like the tech g/u/r/l/s to weigh in

| *sreaming chimpanzee noises and burning buildings*

| They just wiped the routing table so that the new one propagates easier, you buncha fucking chimpanzees, big tech disappearing on its own is the biggest cope on Earth

| It's back up
I wish all the big social media sites would go down permanently, niche communities and forums are the way to go

| >>13e86d
I've been really thinking about that and I agree 100%

| I heard they messed up so badly that they needed to break into their own server room to restore it. This is absolutely hilarious to me

| Vodafone was down too because of FB xd

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This thread is permanently archived