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Outdoor Computing

| got a loud & hot pc, so i'm thinking of moving it outside and smearing it with vaseline

| >insects in your PC
>rain in your PC (presumably)
>putting vaseline on something hot enough to melt it
What you need to do is to put the PC inside a box made out of polyurethane rigid foam. Install the PC itself on a bed of springs inside the foam. This will stop both heat and noise from entering your living space.

| You will need three holes in this box. One of them is an access port that allows you to open the box and plug in peripherals, turn it on and off, etc.
If you're crafty enough you can replace this with a bunch of cables stuck out of the box.
The second is an air intake. Remember that noise can and will leak out of this, so use something like a spiro pipe to move the end of the intake away from where you're sitting.

| You will also need an air outlet and something to move the air around. I would recommend one fan each on each end of the pipes. Furthermore, you will need a fine mesh grate to stop things from entering the pipes and causing the insect problems we're trying to avoid.
This way you'll be able to insulate your living space from PC heat and noise problems without too much added energy waste (I think the fans will run on less than 30 W total)
>t. civil engineer g/u/rl

| P.S. Goes without saying, but make it so there's space in the box for air to circulate in! ~12.5 cm on each side of the box should be enough so that the PCs own cooling doesn't choke on itself, but you'll need to test this out yourself.

| Totally read this topic wrong. Disregard.

>Outdoor Fucking
>| got a loud & hot girlfriend, so i'm thinking of moving her outside and smearing her with sperm

| >>cadfaa
i did in fact not think about insects at all.
rain is fine since it would still be under a roof.(floods are rare but still plan to lift off the ground)
the vassaline idea came from overclockers useing it to prevent condensation which would be a problem with the climate
i don't trust harddrives staying reliable while suspended on springs so that's not happening.
besides that solid advice, Thanks!

| >>790404
i clearly started the inferior topic

| Why not just give it tons of airflow indoors. Like just have half the case gone with more fans for more airflow to stop it from overheating. Or one of those exposed cases I have seen. Putting it outside just seems like a recipe for disaster.What with rain,insects,and all kinds of shit when you a few fans would work fine. If you do decide to go with liquid cooling I do suggest femboy cum.Considering the average /tech/ user that shouldn't be too hard to get with steady supply.

| >>790582
with hot i meant it dumps a lot of heat into the room, the pc is overclocked way above recommended and has a overkill amount of cooling. and that would make the existing noise problem worse which is my main concern

>liquid cooling with ...
sounds like you got a buisness idea you need to pursue

| Antvenom drilled some holes in his floor and put his water loops radiator in the basement
I seem to recall it helping but not helping as much as you'd expect for drilling holes in the floor

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