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EAC and BattlEye finally compatible with Proton

| I won't miss dual booting Windows

| You still have to until your games update to enable it, epic made it opt in not automatic

| Not sure about battle eyes implementation

| >>790304
I think most companies will want their games running on the Steam Deck, so I don't think that'll be an issue

| yay!! any articles about this?

| Finally some good news. We'll be free of the oppression of windows.

| >>790331 I think you're right just you know probably can't format your windows install *just yet*

| >>790443 https://www.pcgamer.com/easy-anti-cheat-now-supports-the-steam-deck/

| While this seems overall great, the syscall dispatcher could be abused by malwares and by AC. I believe that SteamOS will be enforced in some ways to run games who has EAC/BE in it.
Remember, these anti-cheats are known to be intrusive.
Could be also something inside the Steam installer as a suid static binary or as a service, kicking you when you don't have it, but distributions would need to accept it somehow. Valve hasn't made something like this since now.
We'll see.

| >>790860 Valve has the choice between doing crap and gathering hatred, or not doing crap and having many linux users join their sect. They know where their interests are.

| >>790862
Reality is often disappointing, especially with enterprises. Like I said, we'll see..

| > anti cheat is known to be intrusive

Sure but if that's a deal breaker for the theoretical person they probably don't own the game or wont install it

| If anything I very seriously doubt it's steam os specific, I expect it to be either mostly on the ac side or in the steam runtime which comes with steam

| "In the ac side", You mean inside the game itself? Then they don't gain privileges in that way so I doubt

Steam runtime is a user thing and does not gain privileges.
I believe that if they come to agreement with kernel ACs, it probably means that they'll somehow gain privileges in one way or another, otherwise it is killing itself

There can good user ACs but without privileges, it will be much more easier to cheat. Especially when you can mod your own kernel for your own 'needs'

| >>790918 valve has specifically said anti cheat should be in userspace

| >>791044
Hey mind giving me links about that?

| https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/steamdeck/proton

Anti-cheat: We recommend using user-space anti-cheat components for best results, as they can typically run in the Wine environment and provide the same level of functionality. Kernel-space solutions are not currently supported and are not recommended. Note: we have been working with most anti-cheat technology providers to provide Proton compatibility...

| Yes it might not be using kernel. I'm suspecting "user" being as root privileges here. (where you can do almost anything)

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