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iPhone 23 thread?

| Anyone else curious about the new iPhone?
Kinda like the new colours, especially the new "Vibrant Sky" shade, which I think is 0xFEFEFF, but I feel like the fact that you can only use cases purchased with the phone at the Apple Store, with the serials paired, otherwise the screen will crack itself for your privacy is a bit of an over-reach.
The 22 handled might not have allowed third party accessories, but at leas you could swap cases yourself if you wanted.

| New colors and new cases? What else does it offer?

| #FEFEFF is just white, you colorblind shitposter. Gosh.
*Clearly* you meant #FEFFFE. That's the *proper* shade of "Vibrant Sky". You think Apple would just paint an iPhone white? In this day and age?

| >>790137
That's their "Dark Emerald", it's got more green than blue, are you colourblind?
FEFEFF is blue, you can clearly see it with any Super XDR-enabled eye-augments, to confuse it for white is beyond foolish.
Hell, don't tell me you're one of those "RBG"-puritans, I don't care how it's ordered in your graphics card, in the real world we use R-G-B

| >>790140
Listen here buckaroo, I did not spend four years learning the structure and interpretation of RBG signals for some incorrigible plebeian to come out of the woodworks claiming that *if* you have some-and-some augment you can *clearly* see–
You can't clearly see a damned thing in those! It's literally just an overlay some man in Taiwan programmed between second breakfast and lunch! Moon and stars, I don't even know where to begin with you...

| >buying iPhone
.....wait, you serious? XD

| >you can only use cases purchased with the phone at the Apple Store, with the serials paired, otherwise the screen will crack itself

I can't... I can't tell if this is parody or not. God this sounds like something Apple would do, maybe not now, but a couple of years down the line no one will bat an eye.

| Wait, there're still people buying iphones in the future?
Damn, I'm disappointed, I thought we'd become a bit smarter fellows

| >>790346
>I thiught we'd become a bit smarter
You clearly haven't seen Idiocracy (Free now on Youtube for... some reasons)

| >>790552 Honestly people haven't really gotten dumber. We have just been able to have a constant stream of people's stupidity readily available. Not to mention modernity exasperates humans inate stupidity. Which a rapidly changing world and environment don't help at all. Whilst we are intelligent I would say our strength is coming up with 1-2 good ideas each and sharing it easily with others thus having a compounding effect.

| Any g/u/rls here with airpods? Are they actually any good?

| Airpods are alright, if they don't get clogged with earwax (isopropyl alcohol will fix this and as long as you don't tell Apple you've used any they'll replace a dead airpod for free), and the airpod pros are top tier. The Max's give the same sound quality as wired headphones 5x the price, albiet with compression. Maybe see if they make a lossless varient.

| >>790871 nothing wireless will ever sound as good as wired

| >>790954
It's for the convenience really. I suppose there are cheaper alternatives since I don't use apple devices anyway. I'd use wired if I were ever into sound design or something else audio related.

| >>790585 They're really good to spot dumb people from afar

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