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| Let's start with a question:
What does "it's more pythonic" mean when learning the language?

I've seen and heard it a few times when learning about things like type suggestions, list comprehensions and class definitions. When compared with other structures in python, it boils down to "both are valid, but this one is more pythonic, and this one is more common in other languages, so you can use it for clarity".

| https://dilbert.com/strip/2019-06-26

| >>788397
Yeah funny. So what's the deal here?

| as far as i can tell it's yet another shitty synonim for idiomatic / native to language

so i belive the basic deffinition would be:
a diffrent usually shorter and more abstract way of acomplishing the same thing

| for further inquiries please refer to the next comic panel

| Python usually prefers readability over everything so if there's a more simple and readable way to do the same thing that's probably the more pythonic one, something being pythonic basically means it follows the style guidelines

| Tldr read the zen of python and you're basically there

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This thread is permanently archived