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Why things so stupid

| My phone has lots of app useless, I not need this, 4 browsers why. Cannot uninstall even. Why technology is this design? I am vomit.

| yes

| with 4 browser can visit 4 sites duh

| Feel for me, 1 browser. Need to buy 4 phones to multitask.

| Custom ROM?
And please stop being vomit.

| Get a phone that's as close to stock Android as you can, set it up beforehand then activate it on carrier

| Pixel phones are a good option, for years when you have an Android phone if it's not stock Android you get a bunch of shit installed on /system meaning you can't uninstall it without root, and if you have a carrier like att or vzw they also add shit and that's how you end up with 4 browsers

| Solution is if you don't want to root, buy a phone unlocked but compatible with your carrier, and set it up, then go and get service for it you'll avoid their bloat and if you picked you're phone well it won't come with bloat

| >>d9f822
Thank you, how I know if phone is compatible? Network compatibility is or a lock-in?

| apology for poor english

when were you when things stupid?

i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring

‘i am vomit’


| Software is being dumbed down rather than simplified.

A.k.a. apps and interfaces so stupid that it kills brain cells.

If you can, use F-droid and see if there is some alternatives to what you use or need.

| >>788609 The point is simple. Force people to get used to your incoherent UI so they feel lost in front of other UIs.
I mean, Microsoft managed to make everyone think that a "Start" button is what you need to shut your pc down.

| Use only grapheneos. Rest is shit

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This thread is permanently archived