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Sound Design Programs and Hardware

| Looking for anyone that might have better advice than a Top 10 list on programs and hardware that's useful for sound design. I know there's a lot of overlap with music software, but I'm looking for stuff geared towards sound effect recording and tweaking.

| Interested too cause I only ever worked with Audition and it's not particularly impressive

| The current most advanced software synth I know is phaseplant.
Plugins are iZotope, fabfilter, waves.

| Bitwig should be the daw you would need for sound design

| Hardware wise, mosts low end sound interface are good enough.
tannoy gold 5 is not bad for a budget speaker monitor.

| Also grab a h4n for recording

| Congratulations you are now poor as fuck

| Do these:

Start hearing.

Write down a sound trigger you the most everyday, describe in detail with metaphor. Find out why are you reacted that way.

Recreate it with tools you have as close as possible for practice.

Combine different ideas for the fun of it.

| Minidsp

| >>788337 I fucked up at step 1 and can't hear anymore, any tips?

| >>788337 Genuinely good tips, thank you.

| >>8ebccd Being broke as fuck is just life. I've accepted that. May as well be broke for a good reason, though.

| Do these after a year of those nerdy practices and study of tools:

Study about music theory on a high level so you know how fix the weird resonant in your sounds, and layering sounds with harmony in mind will make them sounds lively and colorful and pogger and sugoi.(over doing it will sounds unnatural tho)

Writes stories with sounds only.

Listen to movies from different era and cultures, super inspirational and you can learn a lot from it.

| You are basically a musician at this point.
Do these if you have considered giving up your social:

Study about physic, acoustics branch.

Design you own instruments that actually sounds different in a good way.

Try out audio installation arts, have fun playing with actual space.

Try out audio generative with tools like max, unity.

| >>788431 so....psychoacoustic?

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