MyPal is dead.

| MyPal has been shut down. It was the last decent up to date FOSS browser for Windows XP + Vista. What now? Do we wait till the old systems become unreliable again, or does someone actually bother with porting modern FireFox?
>inb4 you shouldn't connect them to the internet
My computer, my network, my risks. You can leave the thread instead of trashing it again.

| I don't think calling out security disasters count as trashing a thread, this is beyond stupidity.

| >>787439
tbf if i posted a linux issue and the only responses i got ware about how if only i had regedit...

packaged with two pages of ""just redo it the way i would"" is trashing

even if it is beyond stupid

| If you have outdated Linux, you are still stupid

| Don't run XP

| If you have to run XP, run it in a VM under a modern Linux install

| Why bother with getting pissed about your browser not being up to date when your entire system hasn't been for a decade? Your priorities are weird, OP.

| thread trashed.

the most die hard xp fans i gave up on it so i've not got any advice besides find one of those shitty "top 10 browsers that still support XP" sites and take a pick


| Use an actual pc on a raspberry or whatever and ssh -X to it.

| Every computer I used in China was on xp. Blew my mind they relied on that. Godspeed op

| >>787575 that was true when I was there as well! it was fun to use danger/u/ on a public one in the airport.

when I was visiting the carribean in 2019 though I visited a supermarket where the cashiers were ringing people up with DOS. that took the cake.

| >>787590 My favorite book shop still uses DOS for everything, even the consumer-side barcode scanners. It's quite common in Russia, despite people having enough money for an upgrade. There's just no need for it most of the time. Those battle-hardened machines warm my heart.

| To be fair, freeDOS is a thing and runs on modern hardware and as the name implied is free, and generally software for dos would be on abandonware sites so maybe it's just the best way to get a useable POS for cheap

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