Laptop recommendation?

| Idk if posting this here is helpful but I'm looking to buy a new laptop and wondering if any of you has recommendations or ideas on what to avoid.

My budget's about ~700 USD. I game a bit so something that can play current AAA games decently would be preferable.

It has to run Windows. Please for the love of god don't argue about the OS here.

>Why not a desktop
I move my workplace around the house to facilitate my weird ADHD. Laptop is infinitely preferable.

| I don't think that is possible at the price for the current AAA games on a brand new laptop.

| Aight let me rephrase that. Being able to play AAA games released three years ago decently (doesn't have to be at 4k or anything like that) would be preferable.

I'm don't even play AAA, really. I just want to not have to worry about my spec when I play new indie/mid-sized games for the next five years.

| ThinkPad x200

| maybe wait for new APUs if you can

| >>785813
Any reason why? And until when? There's always gonna be new processors

| Ok I've been browsing around and 700 usd is definitely lowballing. I can go up to around 1100 USD.

And now that I think of it, I'd really value durability over gaming capability. Something that can last me years.

I used to like Lenovo but my current laptop is Lenovo and it feels really fragile. Asus is a furnace from my experience. Someone recommended Dell for durability, but their specs seem pretty low. Anyone got thoughts about other brands?

| HP Victus is a series of entry level and cheap price/quality of laptops.
Depending on specs it may fit your budget.
It's easy to upgrade. Swappable duel channel RAM, additional NVME slot, swappable wifi chip and easy to open.

| >>785799 based. I personally use Latitude E5400 as a laptop. My desktop is i5-3470, 16GB and HD7750

| Btw keep in mind some OEMs will try to supply cheap quality components or sell you paid "free" warranty.
Some oems are supplying their laptops with slower speed ram due to supply shortages.
Dell has been quite aggressive in wringing money out by warranty and bloatware.

| >>785848
Dang, HP Victus isn't available where I live. HP Pavilion Gaming is available though, and it seems pretty solid. If no one got horror story about HP, I might pick this up.

Oof thanks for the heads up. How the heck does paid free warranty work though?

| >>785843
well new gen amd apus will be using rdna2 finally which is significantly better.
and itel is starting to release it's new apus aswell which are good but atm very buggy so either way next gen apu will be a signifficant improvment

although the only thing that's currently even anounced amd side would be the steam deck which while work exacly the same as any good laptop might be an unwanted format (so that's the only ETA i can give you)

| >>785853
Dell will offer "free" warrenty and then put a yearly or monthly surcharge under a different name on your bill.
Theres been several examples for the past several year seen with LTT and gamersnexus.

| Get a workstation thinkpad. P50-P52
Disregard the cucks

| >>785992
Thinkpad P50 looks amazing, but also way outside of my range heh

Anyway at the end I got an MSI gaming laptop for about 1000 usd and I'm very happy with it. So much better than my creaky Lenovo Ideapad.

Thanks for popping into this thread, g/u/rls

| acer nitro with an external hard drive is perfect, just make sure the HD has 7200 rpm if you want the smoothest experience

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