Windows Tweaks Thread

| Anything about making Windows 10 (or 7, XP, whatever) yours. Discuss registry tweaks, scripts, alternate shells, theming programs, Rainmeter skins, etc.

| guys cmon i need stuff please

| You reminded me of old computer magazines which would have a gold star saying "HOT NEW WINDOWS TWEAKS" the same way other magazines would advertise themselves with ringtones.
Gosh, that's a little piece of history you've awakened. Thank you, OP.

| The best tweak is honestly replacing it

| Uhhhh

| Winaerotweaker

| Program with lots of shit check it out that's really my only tweak besides using the registry for custom UI colors before win 10 let you normally

| >>785706 im interested in those registry tweaks now gurl, do you have a video or something about em?

| so windows comes pre-installed with this really cool virus called onedrive and if you want to put your documents folder in the navigation pane in your actual user documents folder instead of in the onedrive one, you have to actually change the values in the registry. "uninstalling" onedrive just severs the cloud link. its vestiges must then be manually purified via regedit.

| >>785709

Scroll down to the registry one and I should clarify this is just to set colors on the task bar and I think the title bars using hex BGR not RGB i don't remember if you can also set alpha or not but I don't think it uses it anyway

| Basically only useful if you didn't activate windows now

| Plus win aero should be able to do that for you and I believe has the tweaks to remove one drive shit to, I probably sound like a shill but it's just the easiest tool I've used for that sort of stuff

| Blackbox for Windows exists, nice *box shell replacement for explorer.exe. Also Windows Terminal

| I wish windows terminal would open by default like yes I can open it myself but if I'm not the one that opens the cmd.exe I can't use the nice shiny one so what's the point

| 7+ taskbar tweaker

| The best Windows tweak:
- Downloand and install LinuxLive USB Creator.
- Use it to download a GNU/Linux Distro of your choice and let it copy it to an USB pendrive.
- reboot to the pendrive and let it reformat the entire HDD Windows is installed on and install GNU/Linux instead.
- Have a better live.

| >>786213
You can set up task scheduler to start a winaerotweaked-shortcut and you're good to go.

mfw Linux users are such no-lifers that they don't even know how to spell life

| >>786569 why yes, I sure love downgrading years of my user experience just because of a philosophy that I'll apply to one system instead of my whole life.

| O&O's ShutUp10.
Classic Shell. Or, er, Open Shell as it's called these days, I guess.
Winaero Tweaker if you're like me and want to use a different sysfont for the hell of it (or manage a whole assload of other options, at that.)

| install gentoo

| oh yeah I completely forget about open shell

I also recommend scoop or chocolatey

| Use LTSC

| >windows

| >>786984 that is correct

| Frankly, I usually don't like the "just use linux" answers, but it's not really a choice anymore. W7 was the last decent windows, and it's (intentionally) incompatible with recent hardware.
I switched to linux (manjaro) when I got new hardware, and I don't regret it. Linux has improved quite a lot while windows was getting more and more retarded.
So yeah, tweaks won't save your OS I'm afraid, but good luck anyway.

| >>786597 The only downgrades I saw like that were the mobile-focused w8, and the tracking-focused w10.
First time I saw a company destroying its own accessibility norms, just to hide privacy options.

| >>786569

pleb spotted! it's called partitioning and creating a filesystem duh

| >>787090
reformating is a word from the floppy-disk era

| >>787083 most recent hardware is still lame. You can do a lot of shit with things from 2010 onwards

| >>787090 plebs, zfs or bust

| >>787123 Depends on how fast you want your pc to be, but you need a battlestation just to run most softwares and websites nowadays because of how crappily programmed those are

| >>787138 sounds like someone is not blocking JavaScript

| >>787148 Oh I am, probably more than you, to the point where almost no site works without tinkering. Doesn't change the fact that most, if not all websites use a lot more power than they should. And the ability to block javascript shouldn't be an excuse to tolerate shitty devs.
But of course it makes things less worse.

| >>787163
>but you need a battlestation to run most websites despite blocking javascript

u r a fag and a liar lol fag liar lol

| you don't need a battlestation to load html, sis

| >>787188 blocking *most* javascript. Don't play stupid, it's redundant.

| To be fair my 2013 MacBook can still load most pages just fine with only AdBlock

| >>787275 People still use that fake ad blocker?

| >>787299 she is using a macbook, go figure

| >>787304 >>787188 >>786765 >>787299

guys what the fuck is wrong with you jesus

| >>787244
If said JavaScript causes your computer to grind to a halt then blocking them isn't really redundant, is it?

But seriously you probably got a miner or something on your system if you need a battlestation in order to visit JavaScript blocked websites without lag.

| >>787299 I use ublock origin just didn't feel the need to specify, kinda forgot about what happened to AdBlock

| >>787328 If you block all scripts, websites simply don't work. Blocking non-essential scripts isn't enough to prevent lag on shitty websites, which means almost all.
If you got used to the latency it doesn't mean it's normal.

| >>787395
>Blocking non-essential scripts isn't enough to prevent lag on shitty websites, which means almost all.
I block everything by default and only allow exactly what's needed to make the site work. It runs just fine even on my old-ass Eee PC 1005HA. Nothing lags except for video unless I side-load it in.

Yes, bloated websites are common but you're overreacting like crazy or you have a compromised system.

| >>787412 If you use only one website and don't do anything else, sure. Just pop up two youtube or pinterest tabs and your pc will melt.

| >>787493
Seriously now, how often do you think people watch two or more YouTube videos simultaneously??

| >>787493
My shitty work laptop handles that just fine and I run several virtual machines on the same hardware at that.

You're full of shit.

| >>787497 You seem like a nice person. Sadly you can't read or be honest, i don't know which one.

| Just thought I'd pop in and say I had 2 tabs of frameworks laptop builder open, a Google tab, and a YouTube video running just fine on my early 2013 MacBook pro just now with no issues

| I think that when one has a problem with your browser being heavy to run, it's usually a problem with the browser itself caching shit endlessly rather than the webapps. chrome especially had that problem when I still used it because of the chrome apps and shit it would run in the background.

| >>787591 >>787493 >>787412 >>787395
guys just dont use the internet its that simple

| >>787752 you're forgetting about on-premise attacks

| >>787755
Lock and key

| >>787761 lol xD maybe in 1821

| >>787773
Superglue your TMP chip then lol

| >>787773 i have a server workstation that still has a lock and key lol

| >>787975
Well it makes sense. Your computer or network isn't very secure if everyone have physical access to it. Physical security is just as important as network security.

| A local IT-security company got in a bit of trouble recently because they broke into the offices of one of their clients. They were hired to find and fix all potential security holes. In the end they weren't charged with breaking and entering because the contract said find all security holes and that's what they did.

If you have physical access to the hardware or network you can tamper with and/or hide anything.

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