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Why is the GUI so popular?

| The GUI is so popular these days, even with Linux users... I hope this is just a trend in the Unix world. How many g/u/rls here prefer the GUI over cli tools?

| The gui is much easier/intuitive to use without knowledge. The problem with guis is that they are often inferior implementation or a incomplete wrapper of cli functions. This is why the CLI is usually more powerful. Also it's hard to make GUIs as modular as CLI tools, since there are so many different popular gui libraries. GUI developers often don't know or ignore the unix philosophy and there are no common standards like the GNU-core-tools or POSIX.

| I use and love both: The GUI and the CLI. The ideal GUI for me is as close as possible to the CLI (pop-up terminals everywhere - with syncing file paths, everything is a file, scriptable ui elements everywhere, etc.)

| GUIs and mouse interaction are just much more efficient than keyboard and terminals when it comes to intuitiveness and exploration. CLI is only good when you know what you need to do and how, which isn't worth the effort in 95% of cases.
Yes, Vi and Emacs and the like are ergonomy abominations. The fact that you people spend months learning commands and key combinations is just a proof of a crappy design.

| I like TUI style interfaces, they're pretty nice and nifty, wish they had more of them.

GUI comes at ease of use, but the main issue is even those interfaces are getting dumbed down. (See Firefox and Chrome.)

GUI is nice for a start, but CLI and TUI is the way to go long term.

GUIs are getting worst and more dumbed down, rather than simplified and over time it brings a headache of the tool getting worn out and becoming worst with time.

| A lot of people seeing the ping command being used and assume you're cracking some systems. It's probably one reason people are not going into terminal as they used to, even though it was everything before.

To top it off, not too many people who want to start learning IRC vs Discord/Slack, since that's where their friends are at.

Communications play a major role here too, maybe if that changes, we'll see a shift.

| >>785015
>start learning IRC

Damn I'm old

| >>785031 Not that old. ;)

It's just the young ones who haven't seen 'command prompt' in Windows or the well known terminal in nix boxes.

| Blame all the fuckers hiding the terminal/cmd because "the end user is an idiot"

| >>785359 The end user _is_ an idiot.
The first time I used Linux I rm -rf /'d myself unironically.
I'm still an idiot, just one more careful with sudo now.

| >>785361 You being an idiot doesn't make everyone an idiot as well

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