Best WM or DE for Linux

| I can't decide.

| I enjoy cinnamon. Not perfect but good enough.

| I don't know about the best one specifically, but I really love tiling window managers and think they're definitely the best for laptops. I use i3 now and it's as good as any other I've used and easier to configure than some

| I like budgie idk

| I3

| The Best for me (for now at least) is XFCE, lightweight, easy to configure and theme. I've used i3 for a while but i never completely learned and never utilized a lot of it's functions.

| Everything which is not based on GTK.
KDE and LXqt are a good example for the superiority of Qt. Well most of the time.

| Beside that, the "best" WM or DE depends very much on the criteria, needs and expectations you have.
Mine is stability, efficiency and customizability (through the gui). That's why I use KDE.

| Bspwm is good but difficult to configure.

| i quite like bspwm, if you want to do anything super special be comfortable with shell scripting

| kde everyday

| I've been using dwm for almost 5 years, I like the simplicity of it

| I use KDE plasma right now. It looks pretty dang good and brings good functionality.

| XFCE/i3

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