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how did you guys learn how to code from scratch?


| I don't actually know how to code. I just bash things together and look things up all the time and then it either works or my computer turns into memory smoke (fucking malloc).

| oh shit, that's actually pretty cool. what kind of stuff do you make?

| from Scratch

| >>784144 Sorry, my computer turned into memory smoke.
I make dumb blockchain things for dumb blockchain people.

| I don't know how not to code from scratch tbh.

| Taught myself from online Python tutorials. The MIT free online course is actually really good, it helped me a lot.

| Blundered my way into it. Started with stupid questions and copy-pasting, before actually learn

| learning* what it all was, from basic syntax and how to stop getting errors such as "missing ')'" or having it crash for some reason. Now days it's more of looking up functions and adding in things if need be. Every once in a while there's a good idea or two to copy.

And That's pretty much how I got started.

| Started with code academy free python stuff to learn basic syntax and simple things, then just started doing.

The best way to learn is to make something even if it's completely useless or something already made you'll learn a lot by doing

| I wrote a twitch irc bot started with someone else's super simple one and stack exchanged until I figured out how it worked, looked into irc spec and added features, learned a new thing and rewrote it completely, more Google, another rewrite etc

| ... I went to uni

| I had to make a video game and a website to get bachelor's degree. Knew some things from tutorials and books (syntax of some languages, sorting algorithms, data structures, other basic things) and had to complete them in a month each. I still don't know how to code properly but I work as a backend junior now. Video games are really fun to make tho, recommend to start coding them first.

| Scratch. The visual coding language made by some people at MIT, I mean. It really helped me grasp basic code concepts when I was younger.

| Video game hacking

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| Isn't everything we learn technically from scratch?

| >>784638 programmer socks

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