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How do you use your computer?


| I do not use my computer.

| based

| I stare into the glowing box and marvel at the way the little lights move around inside.

| My computer uses me instead.

Send help.

| I play fallout 1 for 6 hours and wonder where the day went

| It's the only way I survive. Can't wait to assimilate to it and upload myself to the mainframe

| >>784296
Post char naow

| A) Play vidya
B) Browse the internet, mainly 4chan
C) Read news (the news reader from the Windows app store isn't bad tbh)
D) View pornography and fap
E) Write program code
F) shitpost on obscure internet text forums

My life is about using my computer, I am discontent but I can't stop. I was raised this way and I will never change.

| With my hands

| do homework, watch videos, check emails, forums, listen to music, and game

| https://youtu.be/aHk42kDwesM this

| I invested 1600 euro into a pc for gaming and didn't play any games on it since I built it. Its powerful gpu is mainly used to render proteins simulations and massive facktons of hentai. And also do homework and watch movies i guess.

| >>3ebb9b nice. I'm doing the same thing but mines got a floppy drive so I can deliver data in the most inconvenient method possible.

| >>785159 Are you aware of any hardware that can write multiple floppies in a row without user intervention? I'm constantly asked to deliver "hard copies" of data despite having already transferred it via digital means. Sending a few people boxes of 300+ floppies should force it to stop.

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This thread is permanently archived