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What are your thoughts about Quantum Computing's future?

| Personally, I've been seeing a lot of scientific achievements on that field recently, and they are the kind of achievements that break the limits and difficulties of Quantum computers and their production, so... I think they (the Qcomputers) will be pretty easier to make them and also a lot more powerful than now.

| (even now we just achieved quantum supremacy with a little qcomputer made by chinese scientists, and that qcomputer did something in 70 minutes, what would take 8 years to do for the most powerful classic computer {not quantum} we have now.)

| https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/005/600/its-something.jpg

| >>774968 lol indeed

| I don't know enough about quantum computers to have any meaningful opinions on them. I know that they're no faster than regular computers when it comes to calculating general math though.

I also know that they do the calucations directly in memory using some kind of quantic wave phenomenom, unlike a regular computer which uses a cpu and memory to calculate and store bits.

| >>775051 you sure about that?
If my memory is right, a qcomputer if it were to work as they predict thry should, they would exponentially excel on all features against regular computers due to the fact that they would work with qbits instead of regular bits. Whuch by quantum mechanics would faster.
... or something like that. I need to refresh on this topic.

| There's a lot of bullshit around quantum computers. Basically it's a bit as if people said "wow, graphical cards are so fast, we won't need processors soon". Quantum computers are overly complicated and not necessarily faster, so there's no reason to gemeralise them.
Also, i have doubts about the possibility of "personal" quantum computers, but if you like cloud cancer I guess it would still be possible.

| Oh yeah that's a pretty important point, I don't know if there will be personal qcomputers anytime soon but at least qcomputers in general will definitely help a lot of scientific fields, so it will help humanity in general.
(And I think qCompiting will help A LOT, in the field of Super Inteligent Multi-Modal AIs.)

| I can imagine that motherboards can have additional Quantum chip what can be used for encrypting things like TPM now, and solving difficult mathematical things like finding high prime number, or theoretically can have role in faster than light communication over Quantum entanglement, but this is little sci-fi the last one.. but this kind of device would be in first place dangerous for internet and getting access to accounts

| >>775163 If I'm not mistaken, you need extremely hard to get environment to get working quantum computers, like being close to 0°K. Even a chip would be hard to get

| >>775138
Yes, I'm very sure. Quantum computers only exceeds at certain calculations, namely calculations that uses quantum information or factoring large prime numbers. For instance you can calculate the mass of materia really fast, or the spinning of an electron, and if you store your data in a quantum information database you can read it in a very short time.

| >>775187 yes xd i just wrote usage, if was cooling solved, probably it would have design as external graphic card at least xd


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