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Best programming language

| I like C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Go, and Python.

I kinda wish we had a Go++ with easier classes and type before var. I do Java for work.

C be like
>while (*d++ = *s++);

| I like Brainfuck programming language.

| If you have a CS background, Rust is a gift from the gods

| >>774591
Only thing that bothers me about rust is that they like many modern languages enforce their ""coding standards"" by ditching fallthrough cases and gotos which is just annoying and makes them litterally hitler

| All suck to some extent.
Rust and Go are better than C++, but various design decisions are just plain stupid.
Python is decent-ish, but the syntax could use improvement, as it's not possible to implement some things in a straightforward manner.

I'd like to see something like a C hybrid language come out with decent support for unicode, support HTTPS and basic protocols as simple #include with the handling of data as structures. No classes either.

| >>5f6275 I write rust occasionally for work and I just can't get over some of the annoying bits.

| >>774592
That's a byproduct of their inspiration on Haskell I guess, I found out that I was more efficient thinking in rust logic (pattern matching, little to no cases...) rather than doing things the C/C++ way, although I haven't done anything complex enough to find real problems.

| I also like Go and Java. I think the most important thing for me is being able to get code out quickly without thinking about syntax and quirks of the language, and they both have the right balance for me between simple enough to use and not simplified to the point where you aren't sure what's actually happening.

I do wish they had destructors though. I don't like to just leave things for the garbage collector.

| I've used JavaScript for so long it's becoming the only language I like. Help.

| Crystal lang is kinda cool

| Whitespace is life, whitespace is love

| >>774861 You do need help indeed. What a horrible thing, to like JavaScript.

| I use C# and I love it.

| C is probably my favorite, not merely because I'm a masochist, but because I want to have as much exact control over what my program is doing as I can, and C is about as close as I can get to writing portable assembly, heh.

That being said, Lua has really grown on me. I picked it up once I started using Love2D, and while it certainly took some getting used to (obligatory remark about 1-based indexing here), it's proven quite powerful indeed. First-class functions are delicious~

| I've actually been using dart recently. It's really only meant for making phone apps in Flutter, but it's actually quite a decent language for general usage too. I especially like the tooling (package manager, analyzer, cli tool, etc) and builtin null safety.

| I think we should all start using only Shakespeare from now on.

| Assembly motherfuckers

| Pascal motherfuckers the ultimate language of gods

| lisp :)

| Python >>>>

IDK why been obsessed with python for months now. I just love the speed and simplicity of that language.

| >>6e4e52
which dialect? :)

| Typescript is sex2

| I use OPCodes of the machine directly writing my own cross-platform COM binary with an hexeditor.
Otherwise I just usually use C++ because on the theorical aspect of the language, it has a lot to offer, especially with meta-programming. I got my own virtual machine for obfuscation that I write code into with my small scripting language I've created, and code gets emited with a mutation engine/polymorphic at run-time, along with anti-debugging tricks etc. Mostly for fun though..

| >>775975
You sound smart. How to become as smart as you? No sarcasm btw

| PowerShell ;-)

| Between Java and Python. For Data Science Python, plus, it's really easy to learn. Java also has a lot to offer and it's really similar to Kotlin and C#, so learning Java will also open doors to those 2.

| Python is probably the "best" for general purpose programming.
Thought lately I've been rewriting many of my personal web apps in Elixir.

May be worth having a look at D or in a year or two, V. (V being go-ish and c-ish)

| >>776375 Thanks for the suggestions, V seems like it will be a good match for me.

| Z80/I808x Assembler

| >>777096 10/10 masochist recommended

| Relay logic. Because everything else is for amateurs.

| Vim, but only because I just can't get out of it ;)

| >>777573 That's sad

| >>777573
Vim isn't a programming language

| >>777573 >>777684 i'm little wondering, Vim is more like text editor or IDE?

| >>777810
vanilla vim > text editor
vim+plugins > IDE

| >>777965
Both cases => Mental issues

| >>777965 and it is really so good as some people tell? I'm little wondering why some people tell that Vim with Plugins is better than Visual Studio, Eclipse or others.. but truth is that i little theowed learning to programming

| >>778535 There's this saying, that a good software is a software that does only one thing and does it well. That's a big part of the linux mentality.
For some reason, vim/emacs/crap like that users seem to only want a centralized software that does everything (not so well) and built a religion around it. No it's not better at all, but since it's the "ultimate software" it has to be.

| My understanding of why vim is highly regarded is you can effectively make it an ide, it runs in the terminal so you can use it remotely really easy over ssh and it's completely controlled with the keyboard so every option you could want is never far away

That said I use vscode so take that with a grain of salt

| been using vim for a few years and have no clue how to use the installed plugins, know .1% of the keybinds and due to the plugins it barley outperforms electron bloat
(yes i'm saying i suck at using vim as a IDE, also that it's not exactly easy)

as a text/script editor it's pretty nice tho

| C++ can do everything. All you'll ever need.

| >>778966 Just like most languages, that are also better.

| I prefer writing every bit manually on a turing machine it gives so much more control

| >>779025
Poser. I program everything with pushdown automata. Anything more than that is pure bloat.

| Back in my day a skilled programmer would just use a handheld hold puncher in a pinch all these kids and their assembly and eye Dee eees have it to good

| >>779148
"How IBM Helped The Nazis Carry Out The Holocaust"


| >>779148

Do you call that programming though?

My grandad used to smash two rocks together in order to create lightning and force them to think, and they calculated fibonacci sequences that way pretty well.

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