2008 laptop is comfy

| I'm using Windows 7 on it and it runs like a charm unironically. The internet works well along with Discord and Telegram. I have C2D P8700 with integrated GPU. Currently the only issue I stumble upon is the battery life which is only sub 2 hours on saving mode.

>inb4 install Linux
sorry, I'd rather install XP if it gives me performance. I know Linux and I know that I don't like it.

The laptop in use is Dell Latitude E5400.

| Why did we change for Windows 8 and 10 again ?

| Install XP so everyone can hack the shit out of you
Win 7 is already NSA territory so you won't be losing anything

| Wow~ So a web browser works well on it, huh? That's amazing~

I assume it's a used laptop if the battery is that worn-down. I'm not sure I understand the appeal or why it makes you happy, but the fact that it does is kinda awesome I guess.

| But will it blend?

| >>773018
Curb your ADHD

| >>773018 will it soft serve?

| >>773013 retard

| Install BSD

| Did u try running w10 on it?

| >>773092
What's the point ?

| >it can run a web browser


| In 2017, I was using my XP laptop and even played Worms 4 mayhem on it, it's actualy already enough for what we mostly do.

| >>773192 kids think that if you connect an unsupported system to the internet you'll get hacked instantly.

| >>773210 why would you want to connect it to internet?! Ew

| >>773210
... fucking wannabe. People like you are so pathetic. Your entire life is a joke and women can smell your insecurities from a while away. If you want to stop being such an perpetually awkward incel you'll have to stop lying. Both to yourself and to others.

Not only is it true it's very easy to verify by yourself. Give internet access to unpatched XP or anything older and scan it with any AV of choice and watch the numbers go up. Bots will infect it automatically.

| You barely need any hacker experience to hack an older OS. Getting admin access is literally script kiddie tier. If you're familiar with Kali/parrot you know exactly which program I'm talking about.

| Dozens of published bugs, zero day for(;;) on XP, 7 up to date more, but only little more security.

| ,,,, kiddo

| >>773234 what the hell are you even on about? I have over 5 computers with XP that get connected to the internet for a day or two (whenever I feel like it) and there's been no viruses. I think that could be possible if you connected to public wifi, but my own home network? Come on.

Please reply with something constructive, like a proof that something like that can happen on a clean XP install, but if you'll call me an incel too, then fuck off.

| >>772987
GNU/Linux was already way ahead of Windows when WinXP was released. The only way windows could keep up was by implementing GNU/Linux features piece by piece which leads to transform into a copy of GNU/Linux as the only logical consequence (see linux subsystem for win10 and android support for win11).
Why not use MS Dos? It comes without such unnecessary gnu/linux-alike features like user/group rights management and native kernel device drivers (especially ip-networking).

| >>773282 install something like puppy linux just for safety sir

| Nice bait OP

| >>773288 I'm not baiting. T9400 still does its job, unless you need to play muh games.
Anyway, idk why so many people tell me to install Linux. Why don't you give me a better advice instead? I tried your hobbyist OS and it works, but I don't find it as comfortable as Windows, as I lile to have some paid applications and GUIs instead of walls of text I won't even read. I feel like you g/u/rls may be trolling, but who knows..

| >>773282
I literally teached you how to check for it yourself. You can't get any more constructive than that, and you're asking me to spoon-feed you the results too?

Just fuck off with your ignorant lies you pathetic wannabe.

| >>773291
If all you do is browse the web and use chat clients then Linux on older hardware is not only a viable advice, it's the best one. Your biases won't change that so stop expecting "better advice".

Your insights into what Linux is and what it can achieve is obviously limited, which is the reason why you think people are trolling you.

I recommend you forget everything you think you know about Linux and look at it with fresh honest eyes.

| >>773300 I don't just browse the web. I play some old school games that don't run perfectly on wine due to slower performance in general, compared to Windows. I can't help it, but I can see your point of view. As for just multimedia, Linux Mint or some Ubuntu is fine.

| >>773234
r u a girl!?

| >>773314 tranny lol

| You're all idiots

| >>773234 God that's hot. Please step on me uwu

| >>773282
Windows XP has many known 0 days, if you're at home just connected to the internet you might be okay, assuming you're router acts as a filewall to some extent

if you browse the internet you're okay until you load a malicious website, mind you there's malware from advertising too so it could be nearly any page that gets you and there's not really anything you can do to stop it

| The main issue is that anyone who gets the opportunity could infect your PC, no special skills no having to reverse and look for a vuln themselves just run some tools and get I've got admin on your laptop cool

| >>773303
If it's just games, run an emulator or don't connect that PC to the internet.
It sucks that WINE can *run* things, but at a playable level it does not. (Honestly one of the biggest issues of trying to convince people to switch from windows is games.)
Also game corporations for being idiots and thinking kernel and closed source OS is security.

The main thing is just don't let XP connect to the internet and keep backups of whatever games, since it may get wiped by malware.

| Footnote to above. Even though you don't have Blaster, Conficker and MyDoom running wild, it's trivial for a non-programmer to create something that can wipe XP. So don't place any sensitive data there. Or leave any data you considered valuable there as a sole copy.

| Y'all know that literally egety version of Windows isn't safe? Do you really think that closed source OS that's up to date gives you more security over an older version? Think /tech/, think!

| >>773475 citation needed

| >>773562 Mental Outlaw said it because Win XP source got Leaked

| Did you try to install w10 on it most of the pcs that can run w7 can run w10

| >>773603 I would bother with it if I had a spare SSD, but I bet it'd work just fine. HDD can slow down it way too much

| >>773585 that's not how you cite sources

| >>773611 let me know when your pc will be locked by ransomware, honestly if you don't like Win 10, it is acceptable, but better option is move to Linux than use outdated system

| OP here again. I got my hands on a 2010 laptop so this one is going to have a break. On a plus note, their parts are compatible with eachother.

| >>773672

Give us specs pls

| >>773667 cite your fucking sources

| >>773676 i5-450m or something like that, 500GB HDD and 8GB DDR3

| >>773708 naah, keep use windows 7 if you want.. it is not my PC after all..

| >>773795
Because you don't know shit

| >>773829 i know my balls are in your mouth!!!!!!

| >>773562
Propritary systems follow the "Security through obscurity" idea. Its dysfunctionality has already been proven in 1851 by Locksmith Alfred Charles Hobbs and was proven and confirmed over and over again. Today even the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the USA recommends against this practice: "System security should not depend on the secrecy of the implementation or its components."

| >>774309 I know how security through obscurity is shit. I was referring to
>Do you really think that closed source OS that's up to date gives you more security over an older version? Think /tech/, think!
The implications that 'my years outdated windows is/isn't just as secure as your up to date windows'

| >>774309
Jesus Christ just take a single netsec course and educate yourself wtf

| this thread is retarded and i love it, keep giving me free entertainment g/u/rls

| >>774470 it gives me anxiety

| >>774380
It's no coincidence that many "netsec courses" are hosted by companies that want to sell their proprietary shit. And it's no coincidence that it's always their proprietary shit that their systems are so often purchased (or even configured and administrated) by the visitors of those courses who have no clue about actual netsec.
Says me who graduates in IT-security and already saw many systems and "courses" i.a. hosted by Orcalce/Sun, Cisco, and Microsoft (=marketing).

| >>774732
that it's always their proprietary shit that t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ ̶s̶y̶s̶t̶e̶m̶s̶ are so often purchased (or even configured and administrated) by the visitors of those courses who have no clue about actual netsec, leading to major security flaws.

| >>774732
Then don't take a netsec course hosted by a company, you dumwit.

| >>774760 this. You are already an idiot for calling it netsec

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