| It's now based on Arch aparently, anyone tried it out?

| Well, why would you use that instead of arch, or any better arch-based distro?

| Because SteamOS is future xd

| I usw arch btw

| >>772622 how? Steam repo only has the old Debian one

| >>772693 depends on what else is there, other than steam, maybe custom kernel? Or something and stuff

| >>772753
They haven't contributed anything upstreams so my *guess* is that it's properitary software and gnome installed on regular arch.

Maybe the upcomming anti-cheat capabilities will need a custom kernel though?

| Steam Deck is using custom SteamOS using Arch

| >>772769 that's probably because they haven't released anything yet. Wait

| >>772769
They are using Plasma and have employed KDE devs directly as QA, proton is public and the only thing which may be propietary is the new Steam UI for it. Maybe anticheat stuff too.

| >>772920
Maybe. The Debian based SteamOS never contributed anything upstreams either. Valve have only been making contributions to Wine.

| Valve already shipped developer kits so, due to the nature of GPL2, it's safe to assume that there are no new kernel (or other OSS) code present in SteamOS. It's likely regular arch with properitary software on top.

You can wait all you want, but I'm not holding my breath.

| >>773020 implying arch doesn't use proprietary blobs xD nice try parabola

| Tbh the anti cheat could be a proprietary thing, but valves own website recommends anti-cheat in userspace and says that kernel is unsupported and not recommended so I'm guessing it's a thing added to proton unless they went against their own recommendations

| I assume the dev kits don't have the anti-cheat stuff finished yet since it says they are "working with" them for launch and steam os 3 as it's called should be open source later down the road but yeah valve kinda just lets things die so I don't think I'd recommend running it

| >>773027
Arch doesn't ship with anything proprietary, does it? I'm pretty sure you have to install those yourself.

It's most likely proprietary code running trough Wine, yeah.

| >>772920 >>772753
I've been pondering a bit and I think I spoke too soon. You're probably right.

It's not unlikely that Valve will maintain its own SteamOS repositories for stability and security purposes instead of relying on Arch's rolling release model.

| >My game uses anti-cheat, which currently doesn’t work with Proton - how do I get around this for Steam Deck?
We’re working with BattlEye and EAC to get support for Proton ahead of launch.


Info: looks like it is indeed planned to be a proton patch, I'd expect it to work on non Steam Deck steam as well since it's such an open platform if it didn't someone would pull the files off anyway

| >>773105
Woah this might mean we'll actually get non mallware anti-cheat. amazing

| >>773129
Even though it runs on the user level and not the kernel level it will still be an intrusive, properiatary, locked-down, insecure anticheat. You shouldn't run the application if you don't find it trustworthy.

Sure, you can sandbox in wine or use something like Apparmor or SELinux to restrict it from accessing your files, processes and various kernel level features ...

| >>773143

... but by doing so the anti-cheat will likely label it as tampering or something. Otherwise it would be trivial to separate your cheating software from your anti-cheating software. The only way it can work is to be intrusive and insecure.

| To be fair the game you're playing and the store you bought it from is also proprietary so if you're worried about that I'm not sure you'd make it far enough to worry about the anti-cheat much

Though assuming it's locked into wine you've got the benefit of actually being able to close it when you don't need it as opposed to windows where some kernel anti-cheat seems to hang around

| Fuck multiplayer! I hate people anyway

| >>773152
The store is proprietary? How does that affect anything lol

| >>773152
You can restrict the steam client and the game itself from the rest of your system down to kernel level, if you know what you're doing.

You can't do the same with anti-cheat software since that would defy its purpose. Anti-cheat software must be invasive and insecure by design.

| I installed it on a virtual maschiene and I have heared often enough that you shouldn't unironically use it. Can't give much of a review since somehow I don't remember a bit of it.

| >>773173 I mean if you're that worried maybe the steam deck is perfect for you, no better containment than a completely separate device

And if you know what you're doing you could probably do the same with EAC and battle eye since they'd be dealing with proton and valve wants them to be in userspace

| >>773404
I don't think my point is comming across to you at all. If kernel level anti-cheat is malware(like she said) then this is still malware.

There's nothing that's stopping you from configuring apparmor or SELinux to isolate these pieces of software from accessing the rest of the system, sure, but if they're worth their salt the game/online services will shut down because this counts as tampering with the anti-cheat software's intended purposes.

| I'll admit I'm not that familiar with configuring apparmor or selinux, but I assume since it being in wine and valve specifically wanting userspace anti cheat it would likely tolerate more or rather not really be aware of more on the Linux, giving you more room to restrict it, but yes it could be that you can't without it noticing

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