I hate ubuntu

| I have nothing to add,I just hate it with every fiber of my being

| why

| I love Ubuntu

| I have nothing to add,I just love it with every fiber of my being

| I use arch btw.

| I have nothing to add,I'm just compleatly indiffrent with every fiber of my being

| It's just Debian with bloat on top

| Mint is better Ubuntu

| Arch is best distribution

| >>772438 are you meme? xd
Why a lot people what saw Lain is using Linux?

| >>772545 gentoo motherfucker

| >>772554 cuz lain is sekrit haxor though she clearly used mac os

| >>772664 yes! Than why arch? xd

| nothing wrong with using mac os in 90's

| >>18a7e7 still compiling i guess

| >>772664
she used BeOS you dumbass

| >>772421
i feel like xubuntu (i don't care about the other 'buntus) is kind of like debian but with comfier defaults (if you stay away from the graphical package manager / app store). nothing more than that, i don't get all the hate

| >>772721 why would you do anything other than compiling? That's what computers are for

| triggered macfag

| I like the Ubuntu core version as it is used by ubuntu server. On the desktop I prefer the superior qt-written KDE (neon) above the inferior gtk-written gnome crap. But I'm glad my choice does not bind other people, as it does in the proprietary world.

| This is love:

| Install budgie

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