Windows 11 - Question

| Hello,
I'm wondering, is here someone who is testing it? I'm honestly waiting for full release, but i'm curious how it is with HW difficulty, i have Surface Go (4GB RAM, Pentium Gold 4415Y) and i would being really curious to using windows 11 there ^^

| >>4d2ba2 老兄我也帮不到你,或许去youtube上有人做过测试之类的

| 4G Ram? Have fun with the "out of memory" nag notifications. My reccomendation: Don't. Get familiar with linux instead.

| I saw I wouldn't be able to install it and switched to Linux 9/10 would recommend, if only valve could get anti-cheat working in wine (and fix their own ceg DRM)

| Why don't you run a minimalistic install from one of those modder sites. They make windows bearable for older PCs.
Other than that, just Linux for media browsing is all you have left

| >>772403 windows 10 are surprisely working well with it.
>>772418 honestly i want stay on Win, i'm playing VN on this device, or Osu! Time to times

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