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What should be logical option?

| I'm going to graduate with CS degree next year.
I still don't know what to do with my life. Idk if this whole programming this is for me or no.

I am very good at art ever since childhood.
Can I make some decision here.?
What are field which can utilise art and also pay well.
Or is it just better to go after FAANG jobs?

| I also want want a good life which amazing people with deel human emotions and connection.
Can I even find that?
So confused

| What career choice will yield that

| I don't fully understand but I can tell you you're going to have to decide for yourself

Art seems to usually pay more to the dead and if it's something you love you could keep it a hobby with programming or admin work as your job

Maybe you could actually get a job working on artistic software such as wish Adobe

Or maybe you decide to jump head first into the art you love but you should at least finish the CS degree to fall back on

| What are you specializing into?

Computing (computer vision, videogames, even machine learning nowadays...) has lots of ties with art.

Also, as long as you don't work in a meat grinder company you will find nice people, wherever you are.

| Logical option is in String value ^^

| Please don't do CS if you don't care about it. Code today is aready plagued by crappy work done by people who don't care, don't become part of that problem.

| >>771846
what degree?

| Graduating your CS course is the most logical option. You can always focus on your art afterwards if that makes you happy, but it would be a complete waste to bail now.

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This thread is permanently archived