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Not something that happens everyday...

| https://github.com/tenacityteam/tenacity/issues/99

| you fammiliar with the actuall situation?
(looking for a rundown as don't feel like reading 900 paragraphs of 4chan)

| nope not at all, but read about it and it truly is something I don't see happen every day

| also I think just reading what the guy has to say is more than enough information one needs

| if you think one persons probably correct claim that they got their arm slashed by some anon nut job is enough to justify requesting to mass report a possibly innocent dev team.
you probably havent seen something like this happen before.
also any heavily moderated post like this one is null and void as far as discourse on a crearly heated subject

neither of us have enough context
and claiming "more then enough information one needs" is plain ignorant

| fair enough, it is enough for me as idc.
maybe others want to know what side to stand on but that is up to them to figure out.
Don't think someone would be more invested in this as to mass report someone or bully the other instead of just saying, huh that happened.

| i suppose were kinda on the same page there as i really dont care enough as to scour 4chan posts

| yea, your claim is valid but getting a rundown is as missleading as just reading what the guy said.

| At least he didn't kill himself yet

| If a conflict opposes random people and 4channers, it's quite obvious the problem comes from the 4chan degenerates. I don't even know how there can be discussion about anything, nothing god ever comes from this shit hole.

| >>771499
take the most famus example "The hacker 4chan".
it's a case where 1 person did something anounced it on a post and suddenly it's the entierty of 4chan that did it

just because someone made meme software and posted it on 4chan doesnt automaticly mean they encited or participated in this shit (not does it mean they didn't)

yes 4chan "culture" is a cesspit but that doesn't make it a fucking hive mind

| >>771600 4chan has nothing good that you couldn't have elsewhere, and has a lot of crap, including crap that is specifically on 4chan. So people have no reason to go there, except if they agree.

It's like saying, "I go on this neo-nazi blog because once a week they post a funny joke, it doesn't mean I'm neo-nazi", yeah sure, I'll still have my doubts.

| >>771610
>nothing good that you could not find elsewhere

that applies to litterally everything anywhere including this site

shock you visit sites because they have stuff!
but i mean you could have found it elsewhere why, ofcourse. just you didnt. but you could have. i mean just think about the possibilities there. so many could haves. other sites sure do exist

I've went to 4chan for backgrounds in the past that must mean i was a neo-natzi what other explatation could there be

| jeez you guys are mean to each other

| >>771630 It's funny how you ignored half of my point to try to "prove" something irrelevant.

| >>771645
He's been doing it all day in other threads. He even challenged a mensa member with the same retoric earlier. What a moron.

| >>771645
ye since the other half of your point was the same as before. guilty by association

what are u on about

| I go to 4chan porn. It's fucking porn

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