GPUs with low TDP

| Share 'em.
I know about RX550 and GT1030, but what other GPUs are there, that don't exceed 75w?
Don't have to be modern day ones. I'll do fine with anything better from integrated card.

| Nvidia GT210 512Mo, my first graphic card.

| My current graphics card is one I trash picked at a university campus. It's... Not good.

| >>764927 not the worst, but it is really equal to my intel hd 4000

| >>764954
But now I've upgraded to a UHD 620 haha

| >>764966 >>764954 >>764927

| I am 180dcb
I found my graphics card! It's an AMD Radeon C264.

| I use HD 7770. It goes maximally at around 80w

| Lol my pc runs on 120w of power total

| >>765746 how

| >>765322 based 2011

| tdp is an awful metric, don't bother with it

| >>765775 false

| >>765779 correct, look at power consumption and heat output, not tdp

| >>765835 false. What matters are actual tests. For example GT1030 claims to have 30W TDP, but it can consume over 32 in full use

| >>765873 that's what I fucking said, still correct

| >>765930 u mad?

| >>765936 no, I'm correct

| >>765751 micro atx motherboard, ssd, Amd C264, and a energy efficient phenom 2

| HD 5670 serves me alright

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