How do you pronounce command line arguments?

| For example, ls -a. I do it mentally as 'LS of A' but don't have any clue if that's how most people pronounce it.

| of?

| love sex -all

| ls minus a (with german pronunciation)

| Sometimes I wish that there would be a localization for command line programs. The massive irregularities in english language when it comes to transcription/pronunciation results in a huge amount of homophones. This is very troublesome since I often have to talk about commands that are written differently but being articulated similar or the same.

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This, but in Spanish.

Dashes are minus, plus are...plus, pipes and / are barra (bar) which are deduced from context, and arguments are just a spelling of each letter

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| >>764716 Today is not my day

| I... don't. Huh. I just realised I never pronounce them in my head, or at least never the dash/slashes/single letter options.

I've never had to explain it out loud though. It will probably be very awkward.

| On Hacker Public Radio most people would pronounce ls -laR as 'L S hyphen L A capital R'

| >>764661 eL eS, (word for -)a

| EL ES dash A. Short and to the point. Always worked for me for anytime I had to explain a command. I have never heard it pronounced anything else in my time in IT.

| I usually spell stuff out unless it's pronounceable or has a symbolic meaning. Examples:
ls, sh, vi, exe, png, SPELLED
sudo, python, | (pipe), / (forward slash), gif (zhief), doc, ppt (PowerPoint), nano, cat, halt, git, - (flag) PRONOUNCED

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no pls! some windows apps like Notepad have localizations for Ctrl+ shortcuts and it makes absolutely zero sense! Ctrl+S = save is universal. but they change it to Ctrl+G(uardar) in spanish :O it's madness i tell you!

| yes localization is shit, a lot of programms didnt work because I changed the region for japanese characters.

Some programs can't work with french accent characters whithin folder path which is a pain but bearable if the programmers where smart enough to warn you when this is the case.

Computer language is english, few simple characters and universal, localization are for your parents and children.

| Same as pronouncing LSA

| >>764930 Localisation is shit, but not supporting unicode is retarded. We are not in the 1990s anymore, using a computer doesn't have tobe a pain in the ass due to some dumb or lazy devs.
Feels like emacs devs who think they are smart about keeping their nonsensical keybinding because "that's how it always was"

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Is localization in Windows not optional?

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Localization is awesome! Most systems outside give users the choice - maybe not outside the proprietary windows/apple world and unfortunately not on the command line. I would love to have a standardized localization framework for command line applications - just as freedesktop has it for shortcuts.
I started programming with assembler and industrial automation devices - and most commands were in german. When I started on the PC I aliased my commands.

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>using a computer doesn't have tobe a pain in the ass due to some dumb or lazy devs
Unfortunately current development trends serve exactly that trope. Else I hadn't a daily fight at work with exotic VB-macros, rotten java and javascript code and tons of spaghetti code generated by rotten proprietary dev tools. And there is no end. The software industry already started to make developers as dependent to their products as they already made users.

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Localisation in anything but user interfaces would be madness.

Serious command line applications, programming languages and such are mostly born from research or private joint ventures, which means lots of people from different nationalities involved in them.

Doing them in English is a necessary evil in order to avoid fragmentation and not leave out anyone unrepresented, this way everyone is on the same ground with the same shitty language, and that's the only barrier

| 'ls dash a' or 'doubledash' if explicit, 'ls a' if talking to an experienced user.

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>Localisation in anything but user interfaces would be madness.
This line you draw there is pretty random to me. It somehow follows the ideology to make development unaccessible to users.
>Doing them in English is a necessary evil in order to avoid fragmentation
It isn't. Localization makes this evil unnecessary.
>and not leave out anyone unrepresented
Except those who don't speak english - which still is the majority of human population. This is a huge waste of potential.

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I agree with you let's make officially localize C, C++, Python, Java, Html, windows cmd commands for every country. Lmao imagine having to learn English to program, huge waste of potential.

| It can translate IDE.. "^^

| >>866242 luh-suh ah

| >>765845 There's no need to know english to learn programming. Just learn keywords and that's it.

| At least for me.
"L" "S" (small pause), "dash" "a".

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