Does anyone like consooming chinese stuff?


| Pressed enter by accident.

4chan's /csg/ on /g/ got me a habit of consooming chinese stuff and so far I've bought a couple of smartwatches, keyboard, headphone and some mousepad all for dirty cheap. How about you,/tech/, do you buy chinese hardware?

| For sure. How else am I gonna get off from a government agency watching me?

| "Like"? No, but just because it's not something I think about. China is practically next-door to the country I live in so it's impossible to avoid anyway.

| I used to import cheap Chinese stuff to sell back in my country. Stuff like LEDs, flashlights, TV-remotes, laser pointers etc. The best part were the €1.50 Xbox 360 headsets that performed better than the official €15 dollar ones. Those sold like butter.
One time an artist wanted to buy hundreds of thousands of LEDs for an art installation so I ordered them from Hong Kong before repacking them and sold them to him. Earned like €4000 in an hours work.

| I feel like it isn't really avoidable. I mean, either you buy parts and stuff directly from china (with the exception of Taiwan), or you buy technology where all the parts come from the same place anyway, it's just been through a lot of rebranding and extra companies. I'd rather just buy it directly in that case.

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>How about you,/tech/, do you buy chinese hardware?
Is there even any hardware on the market without components produced in china?

| I also wouldn't call hardware "consooming" goods but rather durables. Physically they can last for decades and the increase of computing capacities isn't really usefull in most usecases. (no one needs n-core cpu, gigs of ram and 3d accel to send and recieve text messages or even pictures, lol) Unfortunately many devices are made "outdated" by the industry via marketing & stupid software design that suffers from lack of long-term-support, standardization and stupid licencing models.

| My keyboard and mouse work now for over 10 years. My "Smartphone" is from 2016, the official support was dropped already in 2018. Now it is only driven by community power (xda-developers). If some components get damaged/broken I order replacement parts directly from china. There is no other way, since the producer abandoned any support for the device.

| My Desktop and even Laptop are much easier to maintain from software and hardware side, thanks to proper standards that partly even go back to the 80s. I rarely bought new parts for my Desktop and until now not directly from china but from the local hardware store. Importing to save costs would only cause problems since 90% of the costs here are caused by licence/patent shit anyways.

| >>762924 You're garbage, good job.

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There was an opportunty in the market and I filled it in. Felt pretty good about it, desu.

| >>763314 Same answer.

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Jealous much? I'm rich and you're not. <3

| Being an importer/exporter is immoral now?

| Having worked for a Chinese company in Japan that tried to pass itself off as Japanese, I try to stay away from Chinese goods these days. It's pretty easy to spot such companies just based on their name. Sometimes it's impossible so I end up buying less.

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| I love consuming Chinese food

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| Even if I didn't like it, the mayority of stuff is made there. China is the manufacturer of the world

| >>764235 At a certain point it won't be. A diverse supply chain is better in the long run

| I indulge in Chinese Anime sometimes... It's usually a lot cuter than regular moe

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