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Ditched Discord

| Moved to Telegram

What about you?

| >ditched google
>moved to yahoo
>ditched windows
>moved to apple
>ditched ios
>moved to android

Just use TOX.

| >>762577
>Just use TOX.
If you are really paranoid, use Matrix. If not use Telegram.

| >>762587
A hair salon, eh? Could be useful to ditch stalkers. And are you sure the NSA doesn't read telegrams?

| >>762587
>use matrix if you're paranoid
..... you mean something that uses http a protocol famus for not encrypting a shit ton of identifiable data?

| I mean it's still a great replacment for discord (i do use matrix) just not if you're paranoid

| If you're on a government watch list, don't use the internet.

| >>762677 Relatable.


| Get outplayed nerds, I don't have any friends, therefore I have no need to use any of those, haha! Ha..
..ha ;–;

| >>762759


| >>762759
Post your tox nigga

| >>762807
Oh shit, guess gotta get one after all

| >>762807
Here ya go 83B16D60BF103D5AF163177036983A10DD4EFE8D1FBAFEA0381A632C2C5102250F71086B3681

| >>762832
Done. But will try later today

| I dunno last time i added someone on tox from dangeru they got spooked after joining a mc server. wow that was over a year ago now, hope the've gotten less paranoid.

| >>762861
You looked up my IP you bastard

| >>762906
the game litterally announces it

| Long lost friends!

| Are there free anime stickers in Tox?

| >>762906
just remembered since u asked before getting spooked i did end up changing my status to "waiting for the [insert nationality here] to invande my mc server" for a few months but to no avail sadly

| i use discord & matrix

| >>763117 ultra cute. This g/u/rl changed her status for you>>416309. Please forgive her, and then have sex.

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