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What will be your CentOS replacement?

| Those who know that RedHat is dumping CentOS for CentOS Stream know how useless that is for a production environment. So, what are you guys moving to?

I'll probably move to Rocky Linux when I finally have to put my CentOS 7 servers down. They recently released RC1 and it's looking good.

| Fedora

| Windows 7 x86 because the only other 32-bit system is Debian

| >>762292
Why would you be against 64-bit? I hope it's a money or availability concern rather than something you actually want.

| >>762417 its just my working pc being outdated

| >>762417 but why would you need 64-bit ?

| >>762502 because I fell for new hardware meme

| DollarOS has always been better, but that's just my two cents.

| ZenithOS bitches

| I mostly use headless manjaro for servers nowadays (just a little more stable than its blue brother), but I probably would go with debian if the servers actually were important.

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This thread is permanently archived