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I wanted to learn electronics

| Now I'm on the second year of learning in the university, and it looks like they don't have a plan to teach us this, exactly, in the future. I guess it's because I'm on the radio engineering course, so there'll be more maths and wave-theory than electronics. I mean, they will teach us analog devices, FPGA and some other stuff, but not as much as I wanted at first...

| And I'm not really good at maths AND radiowave theory, so I thought like "Oh, I hope in the later years they'll be teaching us circuitry, that's what I want". Now turned out that electrodynamics is waiting for us next year too, lol

| It's kinda shit

| Not really looking for advices or blaming, though

| Well, welcome to the step where you realise universities are crap at teaching things.


| gg. If you want to learn electronics you should do so on your own accord or find an old radio/tv repair guy ho is willing to teach you

| >>760466 well, kinda seems like it, but I don't see any reasons why electronics can't be studied in the university, like, it's the same shit as rocket science

| >>760516

| вчччч

| Change major Maybe?

| >>761181 you mean master's degree?

| I've got 2 more years before bachelor's degree, we'll see what happens next

| Nah I mean like see if you can switch to like electrical engineering or something that you think mitt be more interesting if your current one isn't doing it for you

| well, it seems like they don't have the course I'm looking for in our university. I might be wrong, but from now it looks like other courses are still not perfect for me, coz they too have weird subjects I have no interest in. so I guess I'll just stick to my place

| Watching some YouTube videos might make up for it. I recommend "GreatScott!" for some basic stuff.

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This thread is permanently archived