Where can I get legacy Android apps?

| I want to configure a 4.3 phone, but sadly everything I use daily requires 5.0

| F-Droid is the first and only thing that comes to my mind.
But I would strongly recommended not to use outdated OS Versions if you don't know what you're doing. Even if you give nothing about privacy you should be at least concerned about potential lawsuit adventures because your device was hacked and used as proxy by terrorists, pedocriminals, etc.

| >>756374 Wait, if I have an old phone and it happens to be hacked by someone else to do cybercrimes, is MY fault?

| >>756374 take meds please. I bet you won't touch Windows 7 now either.

>>756520 depends on the country, but if you're not popular and haven't signed up at any shady site with the same account details then I don't even know what's up.

Anyway FDroid kind of sucks. More and more devs abandon anything before lollipop.

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