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The crisis is alos a crisis of identity

| Even thought it's an (if not the most) important factor for modern societies issues class struggle obviously isn't everything.
Identity politics also matters. This is due to another, often forgotten, aspect which is (if not caused at least) accelerated by capitalism:
The alienation of labour.
It's caused by division of labour through specialization and globalization and finally automation.
Nevertheless, it still is stupid to isolate it from class struggle and capitalism criticism.

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| Originally people identified themselves with the result of their work. This is why today some people have hobbies parallel to their actual jobs. Of course this only is possible under special conditions such as a certain level of personal profession but also the luck to live under social-economical circumstances that allow people to do it.
This is why (traditionally) the right but lately also a growing part of the left offers people "convenience" identities.

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| Other than productive hobbies (or the few jobs left that are not too much abstracted from the resulting products), those identities can be gained free from investing resources (even thought it costs some to maintain them).
Some of them are just gained by birth, such as nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.
Others are based on entirely made up concepts and can be obtained by declaration, such as religion, race, gender identity, etc.

| The most (if not only) mentionable difference between the political right and left is that the right is about fighting for or defending dominance and inequality, while the left is about fighting for or defending acceptance and equality.

| This policy can be easily (and it is) exploited to channel and as well cover the growing class contradictions and the (also growing) issue of alienation.

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This thread is permanently archived