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The technology end game.

| What would you consider the end game development of technology? Bionic upgrades (especially optical)? FTL travel/warp portals? Planet busting weapons? Artificial Intelligence?

Also obligatory >tfw born too early to explore the universe.

| Just the whole humanity to die out

| Anything post-scarcity would be good enough for me.

| The stereo cassette player was the peak tbh.

Jokes aside, I think the peak would be making breakthroughs on quantum computing and similar tech and AIs (anything from natural language processing to completely unassisted machine learning...)

If we are able to have a sufficiently powerful computing platform and a sufficiently powerful/independent AI we are set for anything.

| >>752449

Black Hole ring worlds living off of a singularity's emitted radiation.

| I think conquering nuclear energy or something that would allow us to have a near infinite amount of dispensible energy

| Prediction of all future events, and realise that everything is determinated, and that on our choices doesn't depends anymore

| These already exist:
>>752588 Cold Fusion
>>752640 Quantum Computing

| >>752647
... *facepalm*

| >>752647
"Can theoretically exist" does not mean "it exists"

| An energy2matter converter.

| >>752647 quantum computers already exists, but quantum theories and application isn't end yet, probably first basic is link each other quantum theory and theory of relativity

| >>752976 single purpose quantum computers exist. Those aren't even good

| >>752976
They don't exist. Prototypes exists on paper but no Turing complete quantum computer has ever been built.

If you're genuinely interested, the following is a good introduction to some of the big problems with quantum computing. Long, but written in a way that non-specialists can follow. (Though a certain level of technical engineering understanding will help):


| And what about devices with qbits and so?:o

| >>753192
i use qbittorrent, it's no big deal

btw, i think this thread would fit better on /lain/

| >>753254 i'm referring to this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qubit

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