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I want home server. where do i start.

| also home server general.

| Depends on what you really need or want it to do. I had a home server that had my website and a vpn & ssh and so on on a raspberry pi, but if you want to run a couple of minecraft servers you'll want something more powerful

| >>751946
I would like to host private stuff. Make it accessible from elsewhere.

| Yeah, I should have been more precise. I want to keep and be able to access files remotely, optionally through home lan or interwebz.

| ye a raspberry pi (or litterally any computer that can connect to a drive and network)
will work for that
I'd personaly use sftp

| If anyone knows how to make external access available without noip please let me know, t's been bugging me cuz noob

| >>bcad90 I've rented a server in a data center and use as some kind of VPN relay station

| Is there a reason you can't just forward a port?

| "We should take work-server, and push it somewhere else." - Patrick Star

| >>752238 don't need no-ip you can buy your own domain if you want that route or you can just connect with an ip. Most residential ips are dynamic or change but depending on the isp you can go years without it actually changing so check that yourself if you'd even need something like that

| What my setup looks like is an old pc running jellyfin for media and nextcloud for files, I connect remotely using wireguard to tunnel into my home network

| Wireguard is fairly simple
Jellyfin should also be fairly easy if you want a media server, alternative is plex or emby but you'll probably want something with more power than a raspberry pi for stuff like that

Nextcloud would probably be the most difficult since it's a web service not it's own thing you need to setup php and either nginx (what I use) or apache

You could use sftp or smb or something until you decide to give nextcloud or something else a shot

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i heard that default Nextlcoud can be too demanding for a RPi so there's NextcloudPi which is more optimized.

also you can try SeaFile :)

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This thread is permanently archived