Dreamcast 1999 bug

| So my friend has a Dreamcast and he told me that it's date always reads 1999, I did a quick google search and found that replacing the clock battery fixes the problem. Although my friend said he already did that and he said he knows the battery he put in actually works and wasn't a dud. I don't really know anything about consoles, I've never dealt with them before, so I was wondering if any of you g/u/rls knew what might be the problem.

| Sounds like a hardware fault and/or the battery. Even if you put a fresh battery in the console itself might be broke. Try another battery maybe? They're very cheap and can be bought anywhere so you don't even need to rely on friends. If you've tried 4 batteries and still get the bug then you can rule that one out.

| Hey, isn't the time saved on VMU?

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